Please feel free to download the poetry via below links:

Блудний лебідь – Bludniy lebid – 1993

Могили на конях – Mohyly na konyakh – 1999

Hymn Ternopolyu – 2003

Pidoshva – poema

В моей каморке среди ночи

Note: You are more than welcome to download, read and enjoy the poetry for your own pleasure, as a user. However, the Pavulyak family has protected Yaroslav’s work with a copyright (intellectual property). As such, no part of his books may be reprinted, retransmitted, or reproduced in whole or in part and cannot be changed, edited, and/or used for any commercial reasons, i.e., making money out of my father’s poetry. Thank you for respecting this, and please contact me if any doubts.