Article of Petro Soroka

Article of Nataša Ďurinová – December 2010

Chernivtsi Second-year student at the philologic faculty Yaroslav Pavulyak has been expelled from the university. Ya. Pavulyak managed to get Vasyl Symonenko’s “Diary” somewhere and was reading it to students in the dormitory. January 11th had officially been the evening of Vasyl Symonenko at the university. Delivering a lecture, the instructor of the university Dobryanskyi was indignant at the fact that abroad excerpts from Symonenko’s diary had been selected tendentiously and were being used for propaganda. Ya. Pavulyak asked to speak. He said that the best way to deprive bourgeois propaganda of the means of subsistence is to publish the “Diary” of Symonenko here without any kind of cuts. Ya. Pavulyak at the same time declared that he had read this “Diary” and told of its contents. Interrogations were immediately started at the university. Students were asked to whom did Pavulyak read the diary, had it been a typewritten copy, or a book published in Munich. They threatened those who heard Pavulyak himself was threatened with jail and expelled from the university.

Source / Prameň:  The Ukrainian Review 1971

Ivan Marchuk – December 2016

Ярослав Павуляк. Все про тебе.

Ярослав Павуляк – борець за волю України

Дороги додому – Ярослава Павуляка Повернення непокаяного Ікара